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With unrivaled expertise in architecture, engineering, mapping and construction, we offer award-winning training. Customized, onsite, online— the options are nearly endless.

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Our federal and local agency experience with building information modeling, full building lifecycle management and other mission critical objectives is unmatched.

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Meet Our Team

Matt Harraka 
Practice Manager for Construction
As the Practice Manager for Construction, Matt uses the latest software and best practices to drive, direct and execute construction solutions for our AEC customers. He also helps to ensure successful implementation and adoption of their Autodesk BIM 360 products. He has presented at several industry-leading construction conferences and has over 14 years of experience. When he’s not in the office, Matt is quite the outdoor enthusiast and enjoys hiking, snowboarding, surfing, golfing and playing hockey, as well as spending time with family and cheering on his favorite teams- The University of Maryland and The Capitals. As for a little known fact about Matt, his favorite movie is The Goonies and he can’t live without is pizza covered in hot sauce!