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FM:Systems all-in-one workplace management platform helps the world’s largest organizations successfully stay ahead of what’s next by empowering them with the data-backed clarity necessary to make informed decisions and easily adapt to ever-shifting demands. 

For more than 35 years, we have meticulously expanded our offerings both internally and through strategic acquisitions to provide the most complete range of intuitive and scalable space management, hybrid work, workplace analytics and smart sensor solutions. This means any one of our 1,200+ customers around the globe get the ultimate flexibility to enjoy the strength of a single best-in-class solution or unlock the power of our fully integrated platform to address their most pressing workplace and real estate challenges today and long into the future.

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Product Resources: 
Workplace Management

Solutions provide a foundation for the digital workplace. It offers extensive options for strategic planning, comprehensive space and move management and robust capabilities for facility maintenance.

Employee Experience

Intuitive scheduling solutions help organizations support the work-from-anywhere model and enable inspiring workplace experiences. From booking a conference room to checking desk availability to scheduling video calls for in-person and remote teams, FMS:Employee is uniquely suited for ensuring a flexible, hybrid experience.

Visitor Management

Solutions enable a superior visitor experience that reduces your compliance and security risk while improving the organization’s brand. With intuitive check-in kiosks and a variety of options including parcel management, FMS:Visitor allows organizations to create a safe and seamless experience for all occupants - from invitation to departure.

Workplace Sensors

A key component for delivering an adaptable, future-fit workplace. These subtle Internet of Things-enabled (IoT) sensors capture data about workplace occupancy, utilization and environmental conditions like air quality, light, noise, and temperature, to help organizations optimize space, enhance employee experience, increase energy efficiency and sustainability, and reduce expenses

Workplace Analytics

A fully integrated system that allows users to capture and analyze key employee and workplace data in real time, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions that optimize the workplace and elevate the employee experience.