Volunteering with Warrior Canine Connection to Assist Veterans Returning from Deployments

Jun 22, 2016

CADD Microsystems Donates Modeling Services and Software to Improve Existing Structures and Build New Puppy Training Facility

Alexandria, VA - CADD Microsystems, a nationally recognized authority for technology solutions in the design, build and operate community, is engaging with the Warrior Canine Connection to assist with the development of a new service dog training facility. This new facility will help the WCC further its mission of using clinically-based Canine Connection Therapy to help wounded warriors reconnect with life, their families, their communities, and each other.

The WCC recently leased a large property in Boyds, MD, that needs to be renovated to serve as its main campus. The organization wants to renovate and reuse the existing structures, and build new ones that will expand its training capabilities.

CADD Microsystems donated BIM services to the project, building a 3D model of the facility in Revit, and providing that model to the other contractors that are also donating their services. Those contractors can then use the data found in the model to better coordinate their designs, ensuring that accurate plans and construction documents are created, and construction costs are kept as low as possible.

“CADD Microsystems could not be more excited about helping out the Warrior Canine Connection,” said Jeff Gravatte, CEO of CADD Microsystems. “The expertise and capabilities they needed were right in our wheelhouse, so it was a no-brainer for us to donate those services. As an added bonus, it is also gives us the opportunity to spread the word about a great organization helping recent war veterans recover from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.”

Each dog that the WCC raises is able to help more than 60 warriors throughout its training and service work. Warriors interact with dogs from birth through adulthood, training the dogs to act as service dogs for other wounded warriors, amplifying the reach of the organization. Warrior trainers benefit from the animal-human connection, while wounded warriors receive the necessary support that a service dog provides.

“The mission of the WCC fits in perfectly with the pillars of our own CADD Foundation, which donated more than $20,000 to veterans’ causes last year.” explained Gravatte. “Partnering with the WCC helps us expand our Foundation’s reach, while at the same time exemplifying how the increased efficiency and coordination that the BIM process bring to design and construction projects really does help our world in important ways.”

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