CADD Microsystems Launches Two New Add-Ins for Revit and AutoCAD at Autodesk University

Nov 14, 2017

WarningsPLUS for Revit and FileProps for AutoCAD and Revit increase efficiency and productivity for users

CADD Microsystems, a nationally recognized authority on technology solutions in the design, build and operate community, today announced the launch of two new applications – WarningsPLUS for Revit and FileProps for Revit and AutoCAD. WarningsPlus replaces the standard Warnings dialog box with a much more powerful one. FileProps allows users to get valuable information about your Revit and AutoCAD files without having to open them,

The apps are available on the CADD Community, and are free for members to download. The CADD Community, an exclusive customer portal powered by Global eTraining, gives customers access to CADD apps, on-demand Autodesk training, custom training courses, and practical resources that they can use in their job every day.

CADD Microsystems will be showcasing its products at Autodesk University, November 14-16, 2017, in Las Vegas, NV. Attendees can see the apps in action - and learn how to get special access to them - by visiting CADD Microsystems at booth B113.

“We are always looking for new ways to deliver technology solutions that help our customers work more efficiently, and the natural extension is to develop universal apps that most of our clients could benefit from,” said Matt Davoren, President and COO of CADD Microsystems. “We have a long history of developing custom software solutions for our customers, and continue to do so with our constant flow of innovative apps and add-ins.”

FilterPLUS for Revit is designed to improve the reliability of your model. It allows users to organize, soft and filter the list of warnings, to make it easier to identify the issues that need to be addressed. Non-critical warnings can be ignored, to allow attention to be placed on the issues that truly impact the model.

FileProps for AutoCAD and Revit provides access to file data without having to open the file, which can be time-consuming and potentially damage the file if it’s opened in the wrong version. Users can easily see file version, workshare status, local file user, and last user to save the file.

For more information about accessing the apps on the CADD Community, go to

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