Event Details

April 15, 2021 - 1:00pm

Join us on April 15th at 1PM ET for Revit and Dynamo Tips from the Experts. We will hear from the following experts:

Kate Morrical Towne, Digital Design Manager at Silman
Minute to Win It: Revit Edition
Looking for useful Revit tips that don’t take an hour to understand? We’ll cover quick and easy Revit tools, features, and shortcuts that will boost your productivity, expand your skill set, and impress your colleagues.

Nick Sipes, Consultant at CADD Microsystems
Simple Visualization Tips for Revit

Jacob Small, Autodesk
Dynamo Tips in 8 Bits
16 Dynamo tips and guidelines to help you get past the final boss.

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What is the BIMxt Network?
The BIMxt Network brings together experts and practitioners using building models to discuss pertinent issues of the day. This is a fun, lively and interactive networking event that connects experts, fosters an online community of peers, and provides somewhat of a therapy session for modeling professionals.

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