CADD Foundation: Building Community from the Foundation Up

We hosted our first Career Day on August 18th. Check out pictures and see how we got our next generation of designers interested in technology here.

The CADD Microsystems Foundation was established in 2013, with a mission to help employees, clients, friends and family become involved in their communities, as well as local and global charities. The pillars of our organization focus on youth development, military support, and serving our local communities. We do this through a focus on engaging education & industry programs.

The CADD Foundation was a home-grown idea. As a holiday gift to the owners, the employees collected donations and presented an always-popular oversized check to Susan, Matt and Jeff. The idea was to encourage involvement in the charities and communities where we live and do business. And shortly there-after, the CADD Foundation was born.

In 2015, the Foundation raised close to $28,000 in support of the Officer Down Memorial, Wesley Housing, NFED organization, DC Central Kitchen, and the Travis Manion Foundation. We are looking to grow even more this year, specifically to support STEM initiatives in local schools.

One of the great things about the CADD Foundation is that overhead costs are EXTREMELY low, which allows a HUGE percentage of the money we raise to go directly to those we are supporting. Plus, because we are nimble and closely-run, we are able to respond quickly to individuals in need that might not supported by other charitable efforts. We’ve supported a lot of individuals in the community, friends of employees, or others that are in need, and that direct support is very impactful and greatly appreciated by the recipients.

The CADD Foundation is a 501(c)(3) (EIN: 45-5420538), and cash and goods donated are eligible as a tax write-off.

If you'd like to help us help others, you can donate online through PayPal.

We appreciate your support!


The CADD Foundation would like to recognize partners that have donated their time or services to help us help the community:

  • Allen Levy
  • Allison Uza
  • Allyson Higgins
  • Amanda Wilkinson
  • Annie Brodeur
  • Bill Robbins
  • Caroline George
  • Colleen Heanue
  • Crystal Bruster
  • Daron Moore
  • Dawn Lynch
  • Diane Hutchinson
  • Don Guiou
  • Donnie Gladfelter
  • Domineau Wiley
  • Gus Widomski
  • Jake Cabelli
  • Jane Morgan
  • Jeff Anselene
  • Jeff Gravatte
  • Jennifer Gromer
  • Jennifer Cochran
  • Jessica Miller
  • Jina Noland
  • Jon Benz
  • Jon Rittling
  • Joseph Noori
  • Josh Kurstin
  • Joyce Magill
  • Kelley McBride
  • Lee Jewell
  • Marissa Gagne
  • Mary Muldoon
  • Matt Davoren
  • Melissa Stewart
  • Melissa Hall
  • Michael Meiran
  • Mike Cappeto
  • Mike Lee
  • Nakeisha Lewis
  • Nathan Robertson
  • OC Ellen
  • Patti Ryan
  • Roxy Vizzini
  • Sandra Proctor
  • Scott Eden
  • Shelli Hughes
  • Susan Thomson
  • Tabbetha Marron
  • Tammy Via
  • Teresa Gibbons
  • T.J. Meehan
  • Tom Bailey
  • Tonya Stevens


Since its inception, the CADD Foundation has supported The Travis Manion Foundation, the Special Olympics, American Cancer Society, Wesley Housing Development Corporation, The USO, the Officer Down Memorial, and a local survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing.


Since its inception, we've hosted bake sales, football pools, and spirit days where employees get to wear themed or casual clothing in exchange for a donation. We've collected coats, helped local children with their holiday wish lists, and sent our CEO rappelling down a 25-story office building to raise money.


We'd love your help! If you'd like to participate in any CADD Foundation activities, please contact us at, or call Mary Muldoon at 703.924.5328.